The difference between Excellent and Outstanding

     Making a premium e-juice is more than just mixing and bottling. It’s about tenacity, integrity, and an uncompromising obsession to set a higher standard. Bombies is always looking for personalities that exhibit these qualities to help grow and ultimately benefit from a brand that refuses to compromise. All team members are meticulously screened and selected so that only those with exceptional dedication and attention to detail make the cut. In short, a quality product begins with a quality team. Think you’ve got what it takes?



     Success is often the result of a collaborative effort, and two heads is always better than one. Bombies is a strong proponent of teamwork, with team members often putting their heads together to solve complex issues or to create the next best thing. Afterall, our success wasn’t built by just one pair of hands.


Environment & Culture

     All Bombies team applicants can expect to work in a laboratory environment and therefore adhere to all safety and sanitary procedures pertaining to such. Team members are asked to keep good general hygiene and treat all laboratory and office equipment with care and respect.


     Work-life balance is a term that coins what it’s like to work at Bombies. We’re not zombies, but instead a group of dedicated, free-thinking individuals. Team members can often be seen whistling, laughing, and generally having a good time. Exceptional products are made when you take pride in your work. There is a zero tolerance policy for negative interoffice politics.


Career Stability

     Bombies doesn’t just make e-juice, we make careers. Our success has given us the ability to accept applicants of the highest caliber in their chosen fields of vape expertise. Success here is based on individual merit, not seniority, which is why most of our team members here have chosen to stay and build their careers.



     Please send a resume and cover letter to All applications will be thoroughly checked.