Our Story

Once upon a time,

Some quick thinking entrepreneur, started creating his own flavors, decided to sell them to friends & family, and soon after became an e-liquid company.


That’s not our story. 


In 2012, the majority of vendors treated e-liquids as a commodity.  These single note flavors were run-of-the-mill and could barely pass off as tolerable to the average consumer. As the vaping industry continued to grow, so did the amount of vendors rehashing the same flavors: a variation of strawberry milk, a twist on custard, or another take on cereal.  We envisioned e-liquid in a different light -- that flavors should evoke new and exciting experiences, undefinable in any other form.  The lack of originality in the industry inspired us to offer something unprecedented to the market.  We felt the consumers deserved better, and vowed to do things differently.  Fueled by our passion to create exceptional, complex, and original flavors, Bombies was born.


This is where our story begins. 


For four years, we’ve devoted every waking moment to creating unparalleled all day vapes – challenging ourselves to push the envelope for e-liquid.  Each of our crafted flavors requires over six months of meticulous research and development, with many of our ingredients being tailored specifically for us.  Our e-liquid is manufactured in an ISO-7 Certified Cleanroom utilizing state of the art equipment, proprietary mixing systems, and custom built-to-spec machinery to ensure consistency and purity of the highest levels.  To us, there is no greater pleasure than exploring new frontiers -- breaking all traditions and transcending the ordinary in search of the perfect flavor.  


I invite you to come explore the difference with us, and thank you for choosing Bombies.

Bombies Founder